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Promotion Impact on TV Show

  • Promotion Reach & Frequency View
  • Share of Online Exposures by # of TV Ads
  • Average Frequency of Persons Exposed to BOTH platforms View
  • Cost Comparison of TV vs. Online

TV Show Tune-in Analysis

  • TV Show Reach Tune-in by Frequency View
  • TV Show Reach Tune-in by Recency View
  • TV Show Reach Tune-in vs. Benchmark Period View

Ad Reach and Frequency

  Campaign Optimization

  • Campaign R&F by TV Quintiles View
  • List of National TV Networks to shift View
  • Share of Online Exposures by # of TV Ads
  • Incremental Lift for Lightest TV Quantile View
  •  Incremental Lift for Online
  • Incremental Lift for Lightest TV Quantile
  • TRP Distribution by TV Quantiles View

Campaign Reach

  • General Population Profile View
  • Progressive Reach
    • Total Campaign vs. Total TV by GRP Levels (with Estimated TV costs to reach incremental online viewers)
    • Total Campaign vs. Total TV vs. Total Online by day
  • Campaign Reach and Frequency
    • Campaign R&F by TV Quantile
  • Average Frequency for Persons exposed to BOTH Platforms

Special Target Analysis

  • Target Indices vs. Age/Sex View
  • Top Programs based on Efficiency Index View
  • Top Web Parent/Brand/Channels based on Efficiency Index


  • Campaign Optimization Analyses View
  • Digital Response Analyses
  • Web visitation Pre and Post Campaign



  • Conversion Factors by Marketing Channel View
  • Conversion Rates by Marketing Channel View
  • Digital Response Analysis
    • Web visitation pre and post campaign View

Cost Comparison: TV vs. Online

  • Cost Per Reach Point View
  • Cost Per TRP Point View
  • Cost Per Reach Point for Light TV
  • Cost per TRP Point for Light TV Viewers
  • TV vs. Online Spillover Reports
    • Reach
    • TRPS
  • Shift TV TRPs for Heavy TV Quantiles to Online. List of National TV Networks to Shift

Multichannel Marketing is the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels – websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile, etc. – allowing customers to use the channel of their choice when engaging with a product, service or content.


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Data Customization

The foundation to better analytics is knowing how to ask the better questions, but first you need to figure out what are you trying to answer. Knowing all the data resources you have available and being able to utilize them in unison is the key to powerful analytics.


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