Custom Analytics

Data Customization

The foundation to better analytics is knowing how to ask better questions.  But before you can ask a good question you first have to understand the whole picture.  This is where Data Customization comes in.  Knowing all the data resources you have available and then being able to view them in unison is the key to powerful analytics. The more data you have available the more questions you can ask.

Another data source often in need of finding its way into an analysis is Survey Data. In most current methods of reporting survey data, the data is analyzed and rolled up within is own set of data. Rarely is it merged with other existing data sources. With the use of statistical modeling a pathway is opened to this usually standalone dataset. The models produced serve as a way to analyze this data in combination with other datasets.


But merging your resources together can take some expertise.   Sometimes you have to go outside the standard datasets to find the questions you seek.  There are standard key performance indicators such as Reach and Frequency but sometimes the real answers are gathered my mixing additional data sources such as your CRM.  Once you bring in your CRM into the mix, you can ask questions like; Which of my “loyal” customers are more likely to view my product on-demand vs. live?  The answer to questions like these can dictate how you change your website’s customers experience in order to drive more live viewing.  It can also help you identify probable actions of non-CRM viewers of your show so they can be enticed to join your site.