The Company

Kovariant is a marketing analytics company specializes in custom data modeling and analytics for the media, entertainment, automotive and political markets. We help marketing professionals harness the power of their data to answer some of their toughest marketing challenges.  Through the processing of big data and combination of disparate data sources we draw from TV, web, mobile, CRM and internal data to reveal deeper insight and guidance for today’s multichannel marketing campaigns – specifically how to more effectively reach, engage, and retain target audiences across multiple platforms.

At the center of your services is helping our clients ask the relevant questions that will lead to better actionable answers.  Understanding the impact of social media activity for example is a question facing most marketing teams.  By combining social media data with CRM data and Nielsen data we can help answer questions like: “Is my social media working”, or “What is the value of my social media activity”


Our Team

Whether it is the question you know you have or the one you haven’t even thought about yet, we can help.  Our team of experts is experienced and trained to help you gain deeper insight in to your marketing analytics that help you build better marketing campaigns.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in marketing and marketing analytics Kovariant features technologists and managers with experience at leading media companies.

Skill sets include hands on programming and analytics experience with the entire Nielsen suite of products including; PM People Meter Service, NTI Pocketpiece Report, NSS Pocketpiece, Nielsen Exporer, Nielsen Npower, MIT tapes, Person by Person tapes, NHTI, NHSI and NHHI.

Programming Experience

Extensive IT expertise including hands on experience with SAS modeling, Excel macro development, SQL development, DBMS database design and implementation for MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and Netezza. System and architecture design and implementation using .NET and Java platforms. Extensive programming experience in C++, C#, Java. Leverage of several off the shelf ETLs and development of custom ETLs.

o Database Design (MSSQL, Redbrick, Netezza, Access) 17 years Computer Programming (C#, PL1, C++, BBx, VB, Java, HTML) – 23 years

o Plug-In Technology (Silverlight, Flash) 6 years

o CRM Design and Development (Database, Front end, Back end) 10 years

o ERP Design and Development (Database, Front end, Back end) 10 years

o Data Mining – Analytics (MSSQL, Redbrick, Netezza, Access) 15 years ETL – 13 Years

o IT developer/manager for many industries (Manufacturing, Automotive, Customer Service, Media, Advertisement, and Medical) – 23 years

Development Experience

o Designed and developed many reporting systems, data gathering systems, and data mining systems.

o Developed an outdoor advertisement measurement and reporting system.

o Designed data mining processes and programs for the support of advanced analytics.

o Worked with clients and sales representatives to design solutions aimed at advanced analytics.

o Used Elemental data, third party data.

o Predictive Modeling

o Covariance analysis

o Importing/Processing/Exporting

o List Matching

o Developed the back end for 2 products now used widely in the industry.



  • Marketing – Los Angeles, CA
  • Phone:818-630-9600
  • Email: contact@kovariant.com
  • 23890 Copperhill Dr. #300 Valencia, CA 91354
  • Data Science – Tampa, FL
  • Phone:818-630-9600
  • Email: questions@kovariant.com
  • 39326 Highway 19 North, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689