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What Event Would You Love to Predict?

What Market Would You Love to Reach?

What New Trend Would You Love to Spot?

Kovariant.  Get More From Your Data.

Kovariant is a marketing analytics company helping entertainment and media professionals harness the power of data to create more effective marketing.

Get the “Whole” Picture

You can’t really know what is happening with your marketing until you have considered all the data. The good news is that in today’s media-rich world we are getting more data and from more sources then ever before: TV, Online, CPG, Social, Advertisement, POS, Mobile just to name a few.  The bad news however is that few, if any, of this data speaks to each other.  And, you need them to if you want the “whole” picture.  That’s where we come in.  At Kovariant, we help our clients converge and consolidate their data across all marketing channels to create one view.  By seeing how their entire marketing effort is performing, our clients can make better strategic decisions.  We call this Multichannel Analytics.

Don’t just talk about what happened… Predict it!

Its great to understand how a campaign did, or how your product performed.  But that’s the past.  If you want an edge today you have to be able to predict how your marketing will do.  “How much will my market share grow if I advertise on mobile?  “Will I be more effective marketing to my loyal customers or new ones?” , or “How will better Social Analytics effect my ROI?”  Through the application of different scientific Methodologies we create customized statistical models that help project future user behavior against different populations models to produce statistical likelihoods that leads to more effective marketing.  We can also help you fine-tune user behavior by producing more more accurate KPI’s which lead to better predictive questions.  Talk to us about Predictive Analytics and spend more effectively.


Which Way to Marketing Nirvana?

Once the data is collected and the future is predicted, what do you do next?  Of course, you need to take action, but which action is best? Which will yield the most ROI, generate the most revenue, or create the most awareness?  Deciphering “what to do” can be a daunting task.  Whether for Entertainment, Political or Automotive, let our expertise help to point you in the right direction.  By applying indicators and markers through machine learning, we can create a road map of actionable items to help you capitalize on the predictions and current state of your campaign.  Maximize the power of computing to help you in your decision process.  Prescriptive Analytics can help you eliminate the guesswork and cost associated with the “trial and error” approach.


When in Doubt.  Customize.

We don’t market through only one channel anymore, so why are we still only analyzing data from one channel?  Sometimes to get a better picture marketing analytics requires more information to help answer the question – unstructured data like Social Media, Video or Internal data for example.  At Kovariant we have the ability to integrate and provide analyses on this data by either utilizing fusion or list matching techniques, then reporting on the KPI’s of interest.  Don’t settle for the analytics you’re getting just because that is all there is.   If you have the data we can help.  Click here to learn more about Custom Analytics.